If you are considering cremation arrangements, Harris Funeral Home can help, whatever your wishes. Families entrust cremation arrangements with us appreciative of the dignity and care that we provide. In fact, over two-thirds of the families we serve opt for cremation.

We offer a full range of cremation alternatives and cost-effective options including:

  • memorial services and gatherings
  • immediate cremation transfer arrangements
  • several simple, economical and environmentally friendly cremation casket options
  • rental caskets for visitation or services followed by cremation
  • a large range of cremation urns

Make sure you get the complete picture when you are researching cremation costs and alternatives. Talk with us about cremation services.

For information on fees, click on our Clear & Simple Guide to Funeral Pricing.

As a reference, some frequently asked questions are answered below.

Can my family have a service and time of visitation even though cremation is taking place?

Family and friends usually find a service and time of visitation or reception to be very helpful, and yes, with cremation you may still do so. A photo tribute, flowers, memorial cards, music, a eulogy, poetry and readingsā€¦ there are many ways to make this time meaningful and personal. Visitation and services may take place with or without the body present. We will help to make sure that your wishes are honoured.

Do you offer rental caskets?

Yes, we do. Over the past few years, the rental casket is a concept that many families in our care have endorsed. We currently offer three rental caskets. Each looks like any of the other traditional caskets but is designed to house a second casket inside. The inside casket is made of pine and is lined. After services, the inside casket is removed from the hardwood shell and used for the cremation. The outer shell is not destroyed and a new pine casket is installed. A rental casket, including the inside pine casket, costs about half of the purchase price of a hardwood casket.

Do you have cremation urns?

Yes, we have a large variety of urns, made from different materials including wood, metal, and stone. Several of our urns are designed to fit together inside the limited space of a niche in a cemetery columbarium.