Laurel Hammond

Death Notice

Laurel Diane Hammond

Our wonderful Laurel left the world a better place than she found it. Let us all do the same.

She leaves her loving family and friends with fond memories and the comfort of knowing that we were her greatest joy. Her home and the warm welcome we all felt was a reflection of her. Laurel had many interests among the arts and sciences, visiting her favorite places near and far, her garden and the animals that called it home. She loved a scenic hike or bike trail, a game of golf, tennis or baseball, a skate, a day on the slopes or on the lake, and long walks with Maya. However, she was truly in her element when flexing her culinary muscles, because of her passion for good food, but especially because it was for each of us.

She met opportunities with diligence, blessings with humility, and challenges with grace and resilience.

Laurel / Mom will be in our thoughts for the rest of our days. An encouraging smile. A loving embrace.

Rest in peace.