Green Burial Service

What is Green Burial?

Green Burial is an increasingly popular way to practice environmental responsibility and reduce your impact on the world. It allows you peace of mind in knowing that when it’s time for burial, your body will be returned back into nature, naturally.

The basic tenets of a Green Burial Service includes:

For our funeral home, this means that we provide services without embalming. There is no burial vault or outer shell for the casket at the cemetery. The casket is made entirely of wood, with no metal components or oil-based finishes, and the lining is unrefined cotton. This will allow the casket and body to decompose naturally back into the earth.

Harris Funeral Home is proud to be able to help families “green-up” their funeral services. We have facilitated such ceremonies over several years as more people embrace the concept and find it environmentally responsible. The lack of Green Cemeteries in London currently does not prevent us at Harris Funeral Home from offering our assistance with sustainable practices for your burial. Green options include organic coffins made from plant based materials, ethically grown (Wood) without toxic chemicals or oil finishes.

A Green Burial is not only an eco-friendly way to say goodbye, but it also aligns with the longstanding, faith-based burial practices of many groups. In fact, one could say that green burial is a new name for a very ancient tradition.

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